Learn how our AI-based, Simultaneous Multi-Path (SMP) software platform can improve your company's internet performance.

The patented Clevernet platform is designed for any organization that needs to transfer large data files quickly and securely without adding infrastructure.

Explore how businesses across different industries and IT infrastructure configurations are using Clevernet Boost to improve file transfer time and increase security for multi-site and cloud data transfers, while guaranteeing reliability and availability of data.

Site to Site


Transfer data from offices to data centers

Healthcare providers often have numerous patient clinics located across multiple geographical sites. Nationwide, online patient profiles must be backed-up daily to various private data centers. Backing up confidential patient data across a widely distributed physical network can take several hours, which is problematic for patients in critical conditions. Clevernet Boost expedites the time to transfer data from site to data center, saving time while ensuring confidential patient data is not compromised while it’s in transport.


Transfer data from a physical site to a cloud-based IaaS or PaaS

Large banks may maintain part of their service infrastructure in the cloud to provide their customers with more versatility and on-demand services. This requires a private WAN connection (i.e. AWS, GCP, IBM SoftLayer, MS Azure, etc) and sometimes SD-WAN to save, store and replicate data into proprietary servers in the cloud. This results in heavy latency and vulnerability to man-in-the-middle attacks. By deploying Clevernet Boost between IaaS or PaaS and the physical site, banks can increase WAN speed up to 25X. This saves time, makes additional data centers obsolete, saves money and resources while improving the security of data in motion.

Site to Cloud

Cloud to Cloud


Transfer data from cloud platform to cloud platform

Animation and architectural studios use rendering farms to store and render images. Collaboration and project deadlines are dependent on data being transferred quickly and seamlessly from cloud to cloud. Slow processing speeds cause an artist in Los Angeles to wait long periods for edits from an artist in New York - time, money and creative genius is lost. By adding Clevernet Boost across all cloud farm sites, the company can replicate projects quickly and reliably to make sure deadlines are kept and creative genius is saved.

Interested in learning how Clevernet can help your organization increase WAN speeds?

All Clevernet deployments provide:

Unmatched Link Aggregation

If your organization has 2+ internet connections, Clevernet Boost enables you to add up the total bandwidth of all your connections.

Clevernet aggregation is unlike any other, since one file transfer can be sent through all your connections and/or ISPs (Internet Service Providers) simultaneously - thereby significantly increasing the speed of your file transfers.


ISPs and private routers sometimes choose connections that are substandard, resulting in high latency and unreliable connections that are unable to redirect traffic if a path fails.

Clevernet’s Simultaneous Multi-Path system steers traffic through the optimal tunnels, ensuring that the best available connections are being utilized all the time.


If your organization has 2+ internet connections, Clevernet Boost enables you to use them all at once or designate one for failover.

Clevernet uses all of your connections simultaneously - if a connection and/or ISP goes down, your end-users’ connections are automatically steered to an available one so you never experience downtime.

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